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Thread: Fallow Yesterday Afternoon

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    Fallow Yesterday Afternoon

    Once again i have to thank Ron ( Teckel ) for inviting me out to his permission ( i needed mountainering gear ), sat down in a wood for an hour then climbed mount everest. It was just on or around 16:30 and Ron told me to be ready we looked up to the top of the next field and there were 3 young Fallow. I used Ron`s sticks ( god i will need to take mine next time ) i took aim on the middle one , he was standing slightly side on ( butt at 10 oclock and head at 4 oclock). They started to get spooked so i pulled the trigger Clean hit ! Took him just behind the right shoulder exit wound through the left fore leg.
    Skined and buthered him this morning.....every thing in the freezer.

    Again thanks Ron....




    got pics on mobile but dont know how to put them on site...

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    It was a pleasure to take you out again mate and at last we got you one. As for everest it's nice to take someone out who is less fit than me . Me and Jason had over 20 fallow last year and it's took us at least five outing's to get you one and that's how it go's with fallow. We'll get you back out soon and this time you can drag the thing .

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    Im going on a fitness regime just for that.. Thanks mate another good stalk with you and Jason..


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    Congrats Steve & Ron,

    Good to hear you are still out there doing it!


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