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Thread: 6.5 x 55 for driven hunting?

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    6.5 x 55 for driven hunting?

    A friend of mine has put in for a 6.5 x 55 for uk deer. I was just wondering if A, it would be a suitable calibre for driven hunts in Europe (Poland, Lithuania, Hungary e.t.c) and B, whether there is a mimimum calibre requirement for boar in these countries, .270, .308 upwards, Should he want to come on some hunts with me??

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    I would have thought a 6.5x55 with 160 grain round nose bullets going at 2500ft/sec would be more than adequate.

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    6.5X55 shooting 155grn is the minimum in Germany. a 30 cal is legally the minimum in Hungary but no one ever gave us grief using 6.5,s I dont know about any other countries. I reckon it should be ok in Sweden where they use it for moose.

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    6.5 is a fine calibre for boar but bigger is better imo

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    I've been led to understand that Poland's regulations stipulate that for boar and larger deer your ammo/firearm combo must generate at least 2000joules of energy at 100m and not be less than a 5.6mm diameter projectile. Also, on driven game, it is an offence to use a scope at greater than 3x setting.

    I've seen boar drop to 156grain bullets from a 6.5x55 swede chambered rifle and the job was good.

    However, I'd advise you contact the Polish authorities, in the area you wish to shoot, for confirmation of current regulations.

    p.s. ... and YES I did mean to write five point six millimetres (5.6mm) above
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    i know you can use the 6.5x55 in germany but i would not recomend it as with some boar you feel under guned with a .308 and in most places if you hit it you have to pay for it even if it is never recovered

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    6.5x55 will do if you have nothing bigger but as the saying goes bigger is best when it comes to shooting driven boar as bigger bullets mean biger holes. Which leads to faster blood loss and a greater chance of killing rather than a wounding shot . Anything from .30 cal upwards with heavy bullets of 180grs+ works best and will put down the boar best from what I have seen on my hunting trips .
    Yes the 6.5 will do the job but I never see any of the local hunters using them for boar! so what does that tell you?

    I will get my coat now !!!

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    True a lot of hunters still use the 6.5 for moose hunting. Moose are not so hard to kill. The recommendation is to only use a 6.5 on yearling boar. OK when you are shooting then from a high seat over a feeding place and have time to pick your target. Do you want to be stood there on a driven boar day with a 6.5 when a big boar turns up. The 9.3 has taken on a new lease of life here with the growth of the boar population. The bigger the better for boar.

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    i use 6.5x55 when i went to bulgaria in december and i shot a148kg boar no troubleat all using 158 grain sako for big game

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    I saw 10 boar shot with .243s at the weekend, so unless you are legally bound to have something bigger, I'd be more than happy with a 6.5

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