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Thread: Whistling at deer

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    Whistling at deer

    Over several years of stalking I have often been frustrated by some species of deer, Roe and Muntjac, that tend to keep moving whilst eating, making an effective shot very impossible.
    One very experienced stalker told me that they will respond to a whistle. I have tried this several times and sure enough it stops them, up comes the head and they stop for just enough time!!
    I even tried this on a buck who was startled by me missing first time, he stopped a few yards away. Muntjac will stop in their tracks and look toward the source of the sound.
    Anyone else do this?

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    Loads of times. Even shouting at them if whistling doesn't work.

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    2 Fallow fell to my whistle on wednesday.

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    They (possibly) know a whistle is a person so I bark and try and sound like a deer, makes them less suspicous (I hope) - if that fails I whistle, then shout!

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    I tend to bark at them if needed. Seems to work a treat to stop them moving.

    It can also pull in a Roebuck right in if he thinks he has a challenger.

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    Yep whistle works well, provided the fallow/red arent aware you are in the vicinity and they are steadily walking along a bark works really well.
    I remember a roe buck was hanging around my friends farm and winding up her dogs, she even gave it a name, 'simon'!
    So she said please come and deal with simon, when i went there it was exactly where she said it would be, but could i get a clean shot, no way, it was lying down in thicket, i tried everything until i shouted 'stand up you b*****d' that worked but that is one deer i have always felt guilty about.

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    In "Among the Deer" by Duff Hart-Davis he recounts several stalks on the hill with stalkers who would whistle to get a stags attention or make him stop or pop his head up

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    It works well with foxes too especially if they are coming to a call too quickly.

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    dont whistle at the does yo might get reported for sexual harassment.

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    I always tend to give a low bark usally works for me.

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