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Thread: Rimfire magic

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    Rimfire magic

    Just looking at having a rimfire magic built for some target shooting and bit of rabbit bashing, does any one know if this is the right choice as i have read some bad reviews? If you can let me know of any alternative options.

    I am really looking for something that is trick looking?

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    If i was you i would shop around,

    I have no way of confirming this but as you have said "bad reviews" i was privi to a lads chat with a fellow shooter when up north staking last year and he was and blinding about the problems he has had with his rifle.

    if you can why not start with the rifle base you want to have tricked up and do it yourself. tricking up is supposed to be done by you, not for you to pay silly amounts of cash for someone else to sit back and trick it up and charge you the earth for something you can do yourself mate.

    don't be shy have a try (my dads words not mine)

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    I had a look at thema while ago but decided they were way too expensive for plinking and shooting bunnies.
    For that kind of money you could buy a quality rifle and then spend the rest on nice optics or something.
    Never heard any bad things said about them though.

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    bobjs right - buy something standard and tart it up yourself - much more fun. Most sensible riflemen will tell you the same spend the money on the optics. What is the use of an upmarket/custom built all singing/dancing 'poseur' firearm for occasional shooting? If however you doing SERIOUS club competition stuff then you might justify the expense.

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    I live not too far from them,personaly I have never used them but know plenty that have,including my mate the seeker,never heard anyone say a bad thing about them or the rifles they build,and they do look very trick dont they!!

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    they are very expensive i would shop around and do it yourself and save `s

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