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Thread: Radio 4 programme Kalahari Vs Invermark

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    Radio 4 programme Kalahari Vs Invermark

    In the second of two programmes, Mark Stephen charts a unique swap involving two gamekeepers - one from the Kalahari, the other from the Angus Glens.
    Gamekeeper Andy Malcolm is swapping 40,000 acres of heather moorland high in the Angus Glens for a reserve on the edge of the Kalahari in South Africa. The game warden from there will travel to Scotland in a unique swap documented for BBC Radio 4.
    The programmes offer the very different perspectives of Scottish gamekeeper Andy Malcolm and his South African counterpart Dylan Smith. Both men track their experiences in the form of audio diaries and in reflections to presenter Mark Stephen who is alongside them in this job exchange. How they deal with issues ranging from land conservation to animal welfare and how far experiences in their own landscapes can translate into ideas for their new ones, is at the heart of the recordings

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    Heard this coming home the other night thought it was brilliant driving, listen too stuff. Loved the banter and the bit about picking up the bock from the airport and saying 'you'll need a proper pair of boots'. I think we definately need more of this type of stuff on radio. Really enjoyed it. Great stuff from the Laird on the actual running of the estate, good listening IMHO. Thanks for the heads up Nick.

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    I too heard this broadcast travelling back from work, great to hear it on the radio, as said we need more programs like this on the media.



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    Yes, a good deer man Dalhousie.


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    Stalked at Invermark on the hinds Nov 2010 and he had already done the exchange as had the other guy.

    Andy is a fantastic stalker and guide had a great time and we shot a few hinds too including a 200m coup de grace head shot. All extraction was by grarron and there are fantastic views on that ground.

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    Thankyou, very enjoyable.
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