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Thread: Game farm contacts for poults 2012

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    Game farm contacts for poults 2012

    Good morning guys,

    I am needing contact details for any Game farms within easy delivery distance of Aberdeen.

    Aprox numbers will be 41/2 to 5000, In two batches.

    Quality 8 week old birds at a fair price.

    Names and phone numbers on the thread would be handy to everyone.

    But If you would rather deal private them a P.M would be welcome.

    This is a genuine enquiry!



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    My old fella rears at 700ft on Pennines, good hard poults and most of his stuff goes into Scotland as a result, think he takes 2,500 max per delivery so that would suit, hope this helps, mark

    Yorkshire game supplies

    07831 801330

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    Joyce Rennie, Mosston Muir, Guthrie, Forfar, Angus is an option.

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    hi george
    allgame just north of montrose rear pheasant and parts
    also keith lawson at torphins
    pm me and i can find you there numbers

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    Made a few calls today and got the list down to three guys who will fit the bill just fine. All about the same price and easy to go and visit!!
    I would be happy with any of the three,but will let the boss make the final decision.

    Thanks for the input everyone

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