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Thread: Recomendations for Books

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    Recomendations for Books

    Just wonder if anybody would like to share there recomendations of any shooting books, deer rough or wildfowling

    I recently bought

    Trappers Dogs n deer by wayne Blake, Halcyon Press

    great tales from New Zealand.

    I enjoy reading when I cant get out, have tendonitis in my foot at the momment so could do with some ideas


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    For stalking for me;

    Any Richard Prior books - woodland and for hill Lea McNally

    John Dryden - talking stalking (for a few good tales)

    Dominic Griffiths - 1 book (a different take)

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    Rouges and running dog buy Brian plumber a true classic.
    A passion for stalking by ******* sorry not out yet next year

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    Nick what book of Domini cs is it your talking a bout if it is managing southern roe deer or something like that dont waist you money its a load of ******** one for the back of the fire on a cold winters night

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    how about any of the classics by BB
    the best for light reading i think

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    Hi there,

    I got a great book a few weeks ago.

    "Field Dressing and Butchering Deer" by Monte Burch.

    Its a very interesting read.

    I got my copy from BushWear

    Here's a link to their page if you want a closer look

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    Graham Downing, The Deer Stalking Handbook.

    I have Vol 1, very good, there is now a Vol 2, with updated info.


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    Halcyon Press also publish the Ross Curtis books, they are a series of 4 books telling the storty of the authors exploits as a deer culler in NZ in the 60s and how if something can go wrong it will go wrong. Titles i think are Murphys Law, Murphy on my Back and i can't think of the other 2 right now, but a very good read. This guy was shooting over 1000 reds in a nine month season on foot and skinning them all out, shooting was all with a 303 smle, he once shot 7 deer with one shot!
    I read all 4 when i was over there, i think these books are partly responsible for me getting hooked on stalking!


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    Quote Originally Posted by tartinjock
    Graham Downing, The Deer Stalking Handbook.

    I have Vol 1, very good, there is now a Vol 2, with updated info.

    I'd second that recommendation. I received Vol 2 for Christmas and it is very informative and an easy read.



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    Stalking Deer in Great Britain by Ian Alcock should definitely be in the bookcase.

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