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Thread: Swarovski do it again.... and again.... and

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    Swarovski do it again.... and again.... and

    I know this is getting repetitive, but all credit where it's due.

    Old pair of 8x30 SLCs that have served me very well. Out on a cold sleeting day in December I noticed misting on the inside of one front lens

    Quick call to Swarovski UK and away they went - perfectly timed in run up to Christmas.

    Confirmation card came back by return and the binos have just be delivered back by UPS. Going to have to google to translate work sheet - but 6hrs work and various parts - no charge.

    The strap is the same and the centre pivot as the serial number is the same, but everything else looks brand spanky - I'm going to miss all those little dings and marks... but guess I'll recover

    Free of charge warranty work aside, given Christmas interlude I think thats pretty good turn around for a trip to Austria - so thank you Swarovski.
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    They are excellent . You don't just pay for the bino's or scopes you pay for the after sales service but boy is it worth it.

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    I put back a pair of SLC's that have had 15 years hard use on the hill. They came back like brand new. New lenses,eye cups,rubber coating and new strap plus rain guard. The only thing that's original is binocular chassis. They done all that work for free awesome service. I was going to change them for new EL's but dont think I'll bother now

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    Quote Originally Posted by provider View Post
    They are excellent . You don't just pay for the bino's or scopes you pay for the after sales service but boy is it worth it.
    I'll second that. Makes a change these days to get some decent customer service.

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    They are indeed remarkable.

    I noted a crack in something inside a 3-12x50 which I'd had for many years. Posted off to Swaro UK, and back from Austria within a couple of weeks with the bit replaced and in prisine order. No charge.

    A1 service.

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    Can't fault their after-sales service!!



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