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Thread: Deer acident

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    Deer acident

    Trvelling south on the A6105 this morning and a roe ran out in front of me on a bend. Roe was killed instantly and the front of my car, internally and externally, was destroyed. I put the hazards on, pulled the roe to the side of the road, tidied up the bits of the car that were lying on the road and walked the 130yds back down to the corner to warn other drivers of the oncoming danger. 3 people stopped and checked that I was okay.

    The thing that really pi##ed me of was that a police volvo came towards me and I gestured to him of the danger round the corner. There were no sirens or lights going but to be honest I thought he was there for me. Oh no. Didn't slow down one bit, accelerated up the hill towards my car pulled out to go around it, forcing a car coming down the hill onto the verge, and carried on ! Oh I feel so safe knowing that the police are out there looking out for us. Utter tossers.

    Got this of my chest now so feel much better.............

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    should have got his reg and reported him.
    glad you where ok mate. any steaks going or is it all mince...

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    report it anyway it will be logged which car it was etc as I understand it they all have trackers now.

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    am sure that unless he was responding to an emergency etc he would have to stop ??
    what do you think ... what if you had a companion who had a heart attack and they where in the car ( God Forbid)

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    hope your ok and there's not to much damage to car any burgers going

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    Thanks guys. I am fine but the front of the car, bumper, fog lights, grille, power steering, coolant system, etc is destroyed. The radiator is almost bent in two !

    I usually carry a pocket knife in the car but had taken it out last weekend and forgotten to put it back. Typical. Mind you if the police had passed me with my car looking the way it did and me standing at the side of the road covered in blood, gralloching a deer they might, just might, have stopped !

    Been out bashing some bunnies for my dad so feel much better now !

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    Sorry to hear this David .................................................. ..................

    But please in future try to time your accidents so it avoids tea Breaks, smoke breaks, meal breaks, shooting the breeze with cronies breaks and try to make you accidents fall in with the daily 20 minute "Work Break" thank you for your co-operation .

    Oh on a more serious note don't forget to put the Police car in you insurance accident report. Did you happen to get the number of the car they forced off the road? Might be good if you can speak to them.

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