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Thread: Pigeon Magnet Wiring Issue

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    Pigeon Magnet Wiring Issue

    Hi all, wondering if I can tap into any knowledge that you may have on wiring a homemade pigeon magnet correctly.

    I built a few magnets and the magnet in question keeps blowing fuses on my speed controller. However more frustrating than that it has now blown two speed controllers all together. So I've now decided to use another motor I have as I had at least some info on it whereas none on the other one other than output colours. So the new motor is a bosch motor from a VW, and although I've searched in depth for a wiring diagram I am still not 100% I found the correct one, although I'm pretty confident I've now found the wiring outputs. The motor in front of me itself has 5 wires coming out of it; brown, green, greend/black, green/yellow and a black/grey wire. These correspond to the following pins that I found from a bosch handbook online:


    31 - Return line to battery - battery terminal or ground, direct Brown wire
    31b - Return line to negative battery terminal or ground, via switch or relay ( switched negative) Green/black wire

    Wiper Motor

    53 - Wiper motor, input (+) Green wire
    53a - Wiper (+),self parking switch off Black/grey
    53b - Wiper ( shunt winding) Green/yellow

    Its the green/yellow wire that is throwing me in that this is the standard earth colour. Anyways my question is which in your opinion should be the correct two wires I should be using, bearing in mind that they will also be wired through a speed controller. Its a 12v 7amp/hr battery that I am using.
    Any help is much appreciated, cheers, Kyle.

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    Hi mate

    You will probably find that you should be using BROWN and the GREEN/BLACK wires. This should give you the best speed for a magnet. The green and yellow will be the faster speed which you could try but might be a bit fast.
    If you need to change the direction just swap the wires over at the battery end.

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