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Thread: which new binos?!?

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    which new binos?!?

    Hello all, I need to upgrade from my basic binos and happy to spend enough once to get some decent kit. I have read lots and decided upon either the Zeiss Victory 10x56 T FL @ 1500 ish or maybe Swarovski EL 10x50 @ 1800. I don't need an integrated range finder and the size and weight of the binos is not an issue for me.

    I can't find any reviews on the Zeiss Victory so much appreciated if anyone can comment. I will also be keen to upgrade my scope too at some point so the 300 saving would be welcome towards that if I go the Zeiss route.

    FYI I am woodland stalking on foot or from high seat, with first and last light performance being very key for the Sika, plus daytime use to find the Roe in the fields & hedges etc. Thanks in advance all

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    I've never done any woodland stalking, but using binoculars for shortish range observation might you not find 10x a bit strong?

    The dawn/dusk glass favoured by the Germans I knew (albeit many years ago) was a Zeiss or Optolyth 8x56. I have an old pair of Zeiss BGA* (or something) 8x56 which I use for dawn/dusk foxy work. They seem quite good.

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    Swaro 8.5x42's..... excellent! I've got a pair of Zeiss Rangefinder 8x45's too and they're excellent as well, but.... compared side by side, the Zeiss lenses have a slight 'yellow' tinge to the picture. Not a problem as I don't carry both pairs with me when I'm out but it is there.

    Inherited a pair of Swaro SLC8x30's and they're very good for woodland... only upgraded to the 8.5's to get the beyond last light performance when high-seating for foxes. Add a Zeiss Diavari 6-24x56 or a 6-24x72 "Hubble" and you have a lethal combination!

    As Dalua says, 10 power might be a bit strong and will probably give you a narrower field of view compared to the 8's.

    's me.


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    hi paul get a set of swaroel el 8.5x 42 you wont regret it
    atb tom

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    And there's always this in Swaro's favour....

    Swarovski do it again.... and again.... and

    And they've done it several times for me too!


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    Zeiss Bins & 3 x 12 x 50 duralyt scope... great combo

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    This stuff is very personal but I don't like stalking with more than 8x mag for binos. I'm an advocate of choosing the mag then finding the optics to suit the requirements, rather than starting with the model and working backwards.

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    I've got a set of 10x32 el's and i find them ideal for all the shooting i do.
    They are very bright and clear and i wouldn't hesitate to recommend them!


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    look through a pair of magnesium chassis bushnell elites and then tell me honestly, how other names can be worth 3 times the price

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    I use Optimic binos that im sure the guys at Scott country do and like Paul says there at least a third of the price .Ive looked through swaro and leica and compared and couldnt see any difference even at low light.Others will disagree but hey give them a try if you can.

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