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Thread: one no two no three in the bag

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    one no two no three in the bag


    while i was away,

    came home from a long hard days work and as the weather was good, the other half was on the swim run. Well only one thing for it, don the shooting gear.
    drove all six miles to a small site where i have not shot since may.
    walked into where i have a hide dug in the hill about a mile...
    soon as i stalked in there was a doe in the field eating away. Ya beauty ha ha ten minutes in and a doe in the bag but no i decided to let her go she seemed happy. After ten minutes she was still eating away and my good will was starting to wear of. As i spied over the ground i seen a fox coming over the hill. Well without much of a discussion with my alter ego .243 on its way and contact... down and out at 70 yards..

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    I look over to where the doe was and heh ears up and she's looking up at me. Right that's it she will bolt now yeah any minute now ok lets go girl come-on off you go.. But no not her she wants to stay and look at me and see what the noise is... well after 2/3 minutes she starts to eat. Shes not going anywhere is she...
    I sneak out of the hide and go down to the fox out of sight from the doe. dog fox nice healthy lad apart from the obvious .243 tablet. Well decided to go and have a look and see if madame had seen the light and gone home. Needless to say she didn't, and not only had she stayed she brought a friend to the party.

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    Not bad for an afternoons work

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    Well done frank nice when a day gose like that.

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    nice when it happens like that, amazed that the deer didn't bolt when i shot the fox.

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    nice job there CBS, the does were a bonus for taking the fox first, not many would do them in that order

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    Good shots and pics as well.

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    well done there least ya got the red bugger!!!

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