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Thread: .222 rifle.

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    .222 rifle.

    Dear all, I have just had a variation granted for a .222 because I need a designated foxing/vermin rifle.

    I would love to say I could spend a fortune but I cannot. I do not need a scope as I have a nice Leupold Vari XIII with a 1" tube that will sit nicely on it. But anything that has not been hammered and that is reasonably accurate would be nice. Preferably screw-cut and with a suitable mod.

    I have seen an as new full stock Brno .222 for half retail price, but I really want a mod fitted to any rifle I buy!

    Gentlemen I am in your hands.


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    simon have a look on i have a few 222 in at the moment


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    Quote Originally Posted by hunterscabin View Post
    simon have a look on i have a few 222 in at the moment

    Steve, I have looked and sent you an email via your web-site. There is one contender, if we could do away with buying the scope on it and come to a satisfactory arrangement on price Read your email and let me know?

    Regards, Simon

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