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Thread: Hello :-)

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    Hello :-)

    Hello, as it says, I'm new in here, and really just after a few answers

    I'm an ex soldier (so I think I know my way around weapons) but the weapons I used are pretty well automatic, bit of a spray and pray (I dont care that the MOD say we are all trained shots, check the statistics for terrorist shot and rounds expended )

    But I digress,
    I'm interested in the stalking and shooting of Red deer,(or any other deer in season)
    What is the rough cost of a stalk ?
    Where are the best stalks ?
    I'm not really interested in trophy hunts, though
    Does it include the weapon hire/accomadation/clothing ?
    Do you get to keep what you shoot ?
    Any information would be appreciated
    Same goes for any links to websites that offer stalks

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    Straight to the point Derrick an ex soldier Hmmm ,you know about weapons, Hmmm,
    I take it like a lot of the guys on here you spent 22 plus years in the forces .
    Back to your questions .

    Your looking to phone any of the major sporting estates
    Bidwells sporting agents .
    Strutt and Parker sporting agents .

    The rough cost roe does 75.00per outing min outings 2 = 150.00
    Red deer is really a open book when it comes to cost .

    The best stalks well there all good, some better than others and depends how much stalking experience you have .

    You can get estate rifles as required for hire .

    You can buy the carcass from the estate at current prices .

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    Hello Derrick and welcome to the site.

    There is probably a book or two in the answers to your questions. WS has set you on the right path for your initial enquiries, but it sounds to me as if you could do with picking someones brains.

    Whereabouts are you in the Country it may be that somebody local to you would be prepared to help you out.


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    Thanks for the replies

    Nope, I didnt do 22 odd years, I maybe daft, but not that stupid

    I live in West London, but traveling isnt a problem

    I think I would enjoy the stalk, but if a kill is made, I dont have a problem with eating it (cleaning and gutting it as well) but I dont want a head on me wall (having the wife's photo is enough, thanks)

    Widows Son
    I know which end of a weapon the round comes out of,

    I know that an awful lot of unloaded weapons have a habit of firing a round off at some point

    I know that if a weapon is loaded, it can do an awful lot of damage

    I know that if you point a weapon at anything the chances are you will hit it, maybe not kill it, but make a real mess of their day

    I was trained not to waste ammunition, one round, one kill, sometimes it worked

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    Very good Derrick ,but the hint in in the name of the site , the rifle is the last piece of equipment that we use, firstly the bino's are the important thing you must have good observational skills to find the quarry species .

    Then there's the gralloch where we use a knife to disembowel the deer .

    All your, I know bits, well.

    Where to start forget most of them, they all have sense in the forces working with in a section when your knackered ,out on the hill forest you have a bolt action rifle ,one shot and only pointed in the event of a successful stalk ,not where your eyes go the muzzle goes those days are over .

    Wasting ammo after you start into your stalking career ,you'll see that no one wastes ammo ,a box of .243 federal rounds is 28.00 for 20 its not 5.56 thats produced for pennies .

    I spent many years in the forces ,as did many of the guys on here its a different world stalking , with different weapons .

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    Thanks Widows Son

    I had an idea the name of the site was a hint

    I did a fair bit of training at Salisbury (that must bring back a few awful memories)

    I used to make my own ghillie suits, and I used to be pretty patient, and even though I dont enjoy bad weather, I can put up with it without fidgeting or sodding about

    I have a couple of pairs of Bino's I kept, nothing like some of the Gucci stuff out now, but very good ion their time

    I dont know what type of knife a gralloch is, but I have a couple of knives that I have kept in good nick and NO they arent Rambo knives, they are knives I have ussed for gutting various size fish, dunno if they would be suitable, but after watching a few videos on gutting game, I think they would pass muster

    BUT again, I'm a beginner here and would like any help or information anyone is prepared to impart, taking into account I have never shot a four legged animal or even gone after one in a stalk

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