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    what a waste

    GalleryPublished Date: 05 January 2009
    By Graham Martin
    THUGS are hunting and butchering deer in the grounds of golf clubs in Milngavie and Bearsden.

    Shocked golfers and walkers have reported finding blood spattered carcasses and body parts left behind by the poachers.

    It is believed the sickening attacks are being carried out by gangs using lurcher-type dogs who flush, catch and maul the animaADVERTISEMENTls before they are slaughtered.

    Animal charity the Scottish SPCA say they have had several reports from a number of clubs which back onto wooded areas.

    In some sickening instances, deer carcasses have been left hanging from

    Deputy Chief Superintendent Tom Gatherer said: "Using dogs to kill deer is cruel and callous and it is unthinkable in this day and age that people still consider this sport.

    "The deer in these areas, although wild, are used to seeing people either out playing golf or walking their dogs so they may not have the same flight response as deer in remote areas.

    "The people involved in this activity are getting easy pickings and it is deplorable."

    Mr Gatherer warned that anyone found guilty of hunting with dogs can face up to six months in prison, a 5,000 fine or both.

    The charity, which has also had reports from golf clubs in the Bishopbriggs area, is urging anyone with information to contact the Scottish SPCA's Animal Helpline on 03000 999 999.

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    Location: Bearsden

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    The easy answer to this is get a stalker in to remove the animals humainely. because you cant police it 24 7.


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    The bit about hunting with dogs is all here say they have no idea what happened as no one was seen doing anything easy to blame who !

    A ,lets blame the dog owners .

    IT sells papers .

    There is still no evidence to what has happened ,the place is surrounded by roads could it have been hit by a car, and the fox has eaten it ?
    The deer hung in the tree could have been poachers, killed a beast hung it up and went for another kill got disturbed, and never went back for it ,
    is more like it .

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