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Thread: What are typical stalking costs and meat value in UK?

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    What are typical stalking costs and meat value in UK?

    In one of the introductions the statement was made that: “You can buy the carcass from the estate at current prices.” This made me think about the situation in South Africa vs. the situation in UK. I’ll briefly describe the general situation in South Africa (SA). [There are exceptions but this generally holds true.]

    In SA the game ‘belongs’ to the land owner. Hunting common game [not scarce or rare species] costs a bit more than double the ‘meat value’. By ‘meat value’ I refer to what you are likely to be offered if you want to sell the carcass to a butcher shop.

    Example: A non-trophy blesbuck may cost R 1000 (About ₤ 69) to hunt in an area where they occur naturally in good numbers. There is typically a “daily fee” asked by the land owner for the right to hunt on his property as well. These costs are paid directly to the land owner or farmer and with some simple paperwork the carcass then becomes legally yours to use or dispose of as you wish. It would be an exception for a land owner to allow a hunter to hunt at some fee and then claim the carcass. In South Africa the fee to hunt covers the possession of the carcass. You shoot, you pay and the meat [plus skin and trophy] is yours to do with as you please!

    Once hunted and skinned the blesbuck carcass may have a mass of 40 kg ( about 88 pounds). If you offer a clean and properly treated fresh and cooled carcass for sale to a butcher, you will typically be offered R 10/kg (₤ 0.3/ lb) for a cleanly shot carcass, so you get R 400 (₤ 27.6) for the carcass. It means that you really pay R 600 (₤ 41.4) or the pleasure of hunting one non-trophy blesbuck. The transportation of the carcass to skinning shed, skinning and delivery to the butcher, plus the risk of wounding and not recovering the animal, is your pleasure!

    The scenario described above basically holds true for all of the common game species; blesbuck, springbuck, impala, kudu, gemsbuck and blue wildebeest, plus a few more. Typically the pleasure to hunt these animals cost a bit more than the trade value of the meat.

    Naturally I keep and eat all the meat from animals that I hunt: buying the meat from the butcher will cost you about double what you get for it – they have a mark-up of about 100% - so I hunt and eat my own venison.

    Can someone please comment on the typical numbers and situation in the UK for the regularly hunted deer speccias?


    Andrew McLaren

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    Well Andrew that depends on were you are and who is holding the shooting rights.
    We had MAX on ere tell us that 500 pounds was a cheap price for and an animal that was to be cull because of excess. That Animal would weigh in at about 25Lb so you have a 20 x mark up.
    Were i am its £50 a stalk and the animal a RoeDeer would weigh in at 40lb.
    So it varies ,ate not ideal i know but it is market forces that drives the costs.

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    Carcass value seems to vary quite a lot as well, it just depends upon where you are in the country and the Game Dealer you sell it to, anything from £1.70 to £2.80 per kilo. A fallow doe I shot the other day weighed in at 33 kilos so we'll get about £80 for that.

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    Quite right, the costs vary enormously.

    On one piece of ground that I stalk I have an arrangement with the estate that I simply control the deer (about 10 bucks and 10 does each year) and can do what I want with the carcass. No charges whatsoever. Generally, I find a home for the meat without involving game dealers, but when I last took a (roe) carcass in, they were paying me £1.40/lb in the skin. Having said that, I always make sure that the keeper, factor and the estate owners get a carcass whenever they want one.

    On another piece of ground which is run through a syndicate, the estate keeps the carcasses and (unless the stalker wants to buy one) they are all sold to a dealer.

    If you stalk with a commercial outfit (at least in Southern England) typical "outing" fees would be £60 to £75 per stalk (say a morning or an evening). Some are more expensive, occassionally you hear of someone offering it for less. Normally there will be a success fee of between £30 and £50 per cull animal and trophy fees generally range from £100 up to £1000 for a gold medal buck. That's just in respect of roe deer, but other species will be similar.

    In Scotland for Reds and Sika I would estimate that you might reasonably expect to pay £150 a day for shooting hinds (normally unlimited numbers) or £250 upwards for each stag. The boys from further up country will, I'm sure, give a better indiciation than I can.

    I have not yet come across a commercial outfit that "gives" the carcass to the stalker without some £ changing hands (under normal circumstances). That's because the stalker will normally have a standing agreement to supply the carcass to a game dealer.

    I'm a bit out of touch with commercial stalking, and this varies greatly from area to area. I'd also be interested to hear what people are experiencing.

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    My stalking is free I pest control a farm. Prices for carcase are £1 per pound for Fallow and £1.40 for Roe.
    The one Fallow I sold I got £124 for skin off.
    When I went to pick up the cash the butchers were very nice to me, so they probably made the best part of £500 out of it, They were selling the prime rib steaks for £19/Kg.

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    Having hunted in RSA a couple of times, I'd have to say both countries have very similar systems, although the actual £££ charged varies greatly, but then again so does the cost of living and wages between our two countries also...

    You mentioned that you usually pay a daily hunting fee, approx how much is that?

    Also after you pay your two sets of fees, what happens if you don't manage to get your blesbuck?



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