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Thread: First Deer Ever

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    First Deer Ever

    Well folks,
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    Had another young guy down today from Mersyside for his first ever deer. Alistair is an avid fox shooter and has had over 40 last year round the pig units where he works. But now wishes to take up deer stalking with his 6.5 x 55 that he uses at the range.But the police will not open up his ticket (he has 2500+ acers on his ticket)till he has been for a day training or by doing dsc1. He thought the deer would look better over his fire place in the new house he has just bought.

    So on the range first and he soon learnt that some deer were much larger than forxes and a straight chest shot was not that simple. Full size red targets and roe we soon had things on track. Alistair was full of questions which was great, lucky for me I had the answers. He was keen to learn and shooting on a range at white paper with a large calibre was very different to full size animal ones with no point of aim on them. As we all know that a deer is a three dimensional target and depending on the angle of the animal and if you are shooting up or down it makes a difference. The bullet comes out somewhere. But he was like a sponge.

    He had bought all his new camo gear but left his new over trousers at home ( we hav all done it ). After lunch we went to find a cull animal there were a couple of stags left to take out. So the sun was shinning but not where we were going. There was alot of shooting going on today last day on the birds so the deer were not overly happy. But after a while we got into a small group crawled over a mound and there was a nice 12 pointer. What can I say 100+ yards. There was no presure on Alistair he took the shot when ready and Bingo. Top of the heart perfect.

    Took the beast back and we had a crach course in skinning ect. Im dropping the mounted head of to him at the end of the month on my way roe stalking. Well done Alistair cant wait to see what you shoot next

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    nice going again another well chuffed chap going off never forgetting that moment ,hooked for life no doubt ,atb wayne

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    I hope so Wayne
    He was the sort of new blood this sport needs

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    Well done, sounds like another happy stalker.

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    Wow, not bad for a first deer, nice one!

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    He'll be smiling for a few weeks with the memories of that for his first deer.

    Nice write up.

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    Well done Andy another satisfide customer .Very nice that you haven't had the flack you got last time.
    Keep up the good work mate.
    see you when you get time to come and see us.
    regards Brian

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    nice one buck i bet hes chuffed to bits

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buckbones View Post

    .....After lunch we went to find a cull animal there were a couple of stags left to take out.....
    A cull'll need to show him some specimen animals, he might think all cull animals look like that! He will remember that day for a long time. What was the larder weight?

    Well done.

    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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