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Thread: Why aren't UK magazines like this....

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    Why aren't UK magazines like this....

    I was in Madrid on Friday for work and, as is my usual habit, picked up a copy of a local hunting magazine in the airport on the way back. I figure that, even if I can't read the magazine in full, it's good to see how other countries/cultures view hunting and stalking. Normally if I see a magazine with a free DVD I normally go for those on the basis that a picture paints a thousand words.

    Well on Friday I bought a copy of Caza Mayor (Big Game), which doesn't appear to have a website other than one from the publisher ( The magazine seems to be divided into four sections; the first is reports of hunting trips, the second is general hunting/stalking/deer dog articles, the third is equipment reviews and the fourth is classified ads.

    In the first section, the hunting reports were accompanied by the seemingly obligatory "trophy shots". One of these was of a nice CWD shot here in England, though unfortunately few details of where or with whom.

    What really struck me was (a) the variety of quarry - red, fallow, roe, mouflon, chamois, lynx, boar, fox, etc. and (b) the sheer number of animals. Many of these hunts were Monterias, which would seem to be where huge areas of land are brought in by packs of dogs and beaters, with up to 40 guns waiting in high seats and on rides. The magazine even has a calendar of the forthcoming Monterias in January and February with contact numbers, which all looked quite tempting!

    Then today I had a look at the DVD, the main feature of which is called "Grand Hungarian Raids" - a trip to Hungary to shoot wild boar. Having never got round to doing this, I have to say that the video has pretty much sold me on the idea. There are shots of boar coming over the skyline where there must be upwards of 100 and some fantastic footage of boar being taken when crossing rides (though an awful lot more misses). I'll certainly watch it again when travelling in the weeks ahead.

    If only we could get magazines like this in the UK.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    willie i dont know really i spent abit of time in italy and found these ,like you say the quarry list is amazing from birds to boar exellent mags they really understand hunting and have the greatest of respect for the quarry. heres a couple they might be available online,atb wayne.

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