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Thread: The new highseat

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    The new highseat

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    A few off cuts from when I did the decking, the transport wheels are fitted and it just needs spray before going out tomorrow. 4.8m tall, hopefully we'll be able to see something from that height

    Although I just worked out it is too big to go down the alley way at the side of the house so it will have to go over the garage - which isn't too bad because I have to get it on the land rover roof somehow
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    Looks good mate but it needs a bracket at the back to keep the seat just off the tree.

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    Those ladder rungs look mighty thin mate? I wouldn't fancy being 4.8m on one of those in a couple of seasons time.
    Maybe stick some thick wire along the bottom just to be safe eh?

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    Well, Mel. How did it go?

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    very nice! looks the part

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    Cracking idea with the wheels. Never thought of that.
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