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Thread: Swaovski scope bikini covers

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    Swaovski scope bikini covers

    hi don,t know if this is in the right place but, does anyone know where i can get a new set of bikini covers as i,ve lost mine. would it be expecting to much to chance my arm and ask swarovski uk.

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    I've lost mine a couple of times, and both times I have just phoned Swarovski UK and they have sent out a new pair free, no questions asked. You could try a swarovski dealer but they may charge you. I would just call Swarovski. You pay a high price for the binos when they are new, so you get great aftersales service.

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    When I bought my Swarovski 6x42 scope secondhand it came with no paperwork, no box and no lens covers.
    A phone call to Swarovski uk, I explained what I had bough and how, could they find me a set of covers, no problem they said.
    2 days later a parcel arrived, new covers, new instruction/owner book, cleaning kit and a box/original packing, all free of charge.
    Outstanding customer service.


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    You really must applaud Swarovski.. i bet thier customer care staff can sleep at night. Unusual in these tough times for a company to be so customer friendly.

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    thanks for the replies will give them a bell in the morning

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