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Thread: 22-250 cleaning advice please

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    22-250 cleaning advice please

    Hi guys I've just got my 1st CF rifle, a Savage 110 22-250 2nd hand with moderator and was wondering how often and how is the best way to clean the rifle?

    I did a search and couldn't find owt specific to the 22-250.

    I also got a 1 piece cleaning rod and an attachment which has fixed swirls on it which I've never seen before if anyone uses a similar cleaning device,


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    Do a search for best cleaning methods they're pretty much he same for all rifles, but everyone has their own preferred method. You want to be cleaning it every 30 rounds or so, I know the accuracy certainly starts to drop off after his point in mine.

    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    depends on how many rounds i put down it in a night. if its only a couple at foxy. i patch it clean with dry patches and keep doing this in till i have fired around 20 shots.

    then i carbon and copper clean it out with patches or if its really dirty. then put some copper cleaner on a nylon brush.

    that works for me and accuracy has always been spot on out of it. get some kg carbon and copper cleaner, some proshot nylon brushes

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    Any .22 cal brushes, mops and jags will work. Nothing terribly special about the .22-250 here.

    My current regime for a proper clean is hoppes elite patched through, let sit and then bronze brush followed by clean patches.
    If it's overdue then I'll use forrest bore foam and patch it out.

    By 'fixed swirls', do you mean a jag like this? If so, you wrap a patch around it and poke it down the barrel.

    I use a boreguide, some don't, choice is yours.
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    Cheers guys and yes mate it's just like that jag, thanks for the advice

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