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Thread: Hunting Tahr in NZ 2005

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    Hunting Tahr in NZ 2005

    I promised Thar a while ago that I would post these for him to see so i thought i would do it here for you all, this was on New Zealands South Island just below Mount Cook in the Godley region above Lake Tekapo.
    The Tahr was 13" and shot with a .300 Weatherby magnum.

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    Wow! Is all I can say, that is an awesome place. I wouldn't know whether to shoot, fish or search for the ring of power

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    Thanks for that, it took me right back there. I have had two trips on the Tahr, next time back I want a chammy. The Tarh hunting is so so different to knocking over roe deer in southern England.

    Do you have any plans of going back?

    All the best


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    Absolutely yes,

    Have got a good lot of friends in NZ so accomadation and hunting should be free, just the flights to pay for and finding the time to go!



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