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Thread: Blaser R93 375 H & H Rifle Barrel and Mag

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    Blaser R93 375 H & H Rifle Barrel and Mag

    I have a near new Blaser R93 .375 H & H Barrel for sale, only 20 rounds put through it.
    Looking for 750.00
    Also 40 Rounds of Norma PH ammunition at a reasonable price.


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    do you still have this for sale thanks?

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    Have no idea of how these Blaser rifles work, do you change the barrel in a standard rifle. As well as bolt and mag, are you then ready to go - a bit like a Sako quad?

    My next purchase will be a 375h&h, so im just thinking of options and the most cost effective way of getting the cal-

    I have my eye on a Heym b/a, but this route might be better!


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    is the barrel still for sale ?

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