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Thread: .243 OR .270

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    .243 OR .270

    HI,im new on here and fairly new to stalking,i,ve been reading different posts regarding whether ornot the 243 is capable of humanly taking out red stags.i bought a 243 and i,m beginning to wonder is my rifle up to the job .thanks

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    The answer to this is yes and no!

    Everyone will have their preferences and you are about to hear about them all. I think that almost any calibre above .243 is ok for stags. What terrain are you on? Also which part of the country, a large Southern stag will take more to ground it than its lighter highland cousin.
    In a woodland or forestry environment I would want to use a larger calibre as it should drop them quicker. The chances are with a boiler room shot with a .243 the beast will run on. So, then you have to start looking for the beast.

    My favourite is the 6.5x55.
    Other goodies will be the .308, .270, 300win mag, 30-06, 25-06, 7mm-08

    Choice between .243 and .270 for red stags?

    the .270

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    243 V 270

    Hi,thanks for the reply,i,m stalking a mixture of hill and forestry ,all red deer.with perhaps a chance of a few sika.cheers.

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    The argument 'any calibre' Vs .243 will quickly attract equal numbers of stalkers, all equally passionate, all equally happy to 'prove' that their option is the best!

    Only thing that I notice consistently - the more experienced the stalker - the more likely he will go for a larger calibre than the UK minimum! Judge for yourself what this may mean.

    Me - I prefer a larger calibre, everyday of the week.

    Rgds Ian

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    Ah Sika as well, ditch the .243 and go larger.

    Where are you based by the way?

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    Agree, 243 is to light a calibre for Sika, especially Stags. It will kill them and Reds, but with Sika you need the extra bullet weight, go for the 270.

    OR a 25.06

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    Hi jingsy i,m about 35 miles north of belfast.thanks

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    Personally , I prefer a heavier bullet for sika although I've shot plenty with a 243, I used to use a 7x57 for my sika, used a 25-06 for a while but have ditched it and am going to get a 270 or possibly a 6.5x55[was impressed by a couple at stag time] and I like a change of toy now and then!

    A lot of the old fc rangers in Shin who shot a lot of Sika swore by the 243 and then moved onto 25-06. Personally I prefer a heavier bullet ,

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    .270 as a minimum.

    I only use my .243 for roe, muntjac and fox. Stick with something that gives you at least 140gr heads. Personally I use a .30-06 for large deer.

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    I have and have used a 243 on Sika and Reds, and have got the job done, but I also have a 6.5X55 SE that I use for Sika stags and that knocks them down no trouble at all.

    I would suggest that a bigger calibre may be better but lets not forget shot placement and how much confidence you have in your rifle.


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