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Thread: Sons first Stalk

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    Sons first Stalk

    Out this morning and took along my Son to introduce him to stalking.
    It was very cold (-5) and totally white.
    I dropped of at one high seat and Keith the stalker took Ben away to another to shoot under his guidence.
    Just as it was getting light I caught a glimpse of a deer to my left walking away and only saw it for a very short time and was unable to identify it or take a shot.
    I sat for 2 hours and was sucuming to the cold when I heard a shot ring out and guessed it was coming from Ben.
    Just at the shot a doe and two kids came running from behind me but once again I was unable to take a shot.
    I came down from the seat to get the old blood pumping and to wait for Keth and Ben to pick me up.
    When they arrived there in the back of the truck was Bens first ever Doe.
    Clean shot and dropped on the spot.
    The larder weight was 34 Lbs so a nice size.
    I was disapointed I did not get a shot but very happy that Ben did as I am sure he will now have the bug and will be sticking in a variation.
    Great day again Keith and many thanks from myself and Ben
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    So starts another countryman's journey through this life, nice one kid!
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    get your wallet ready lol

    well done

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    Good lad, always nice to see someone's first deer, wheres the smile though?
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