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Thread: Can anyone help me out with some advice on a choice of 3 scopes please ?

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    Can anyone help me out with some advice on a choice of 3 scopes please ?

    Hello, im looking for a new scope for my .22lr as ive been saving up for a bit and ive decided to that I cant stand the horrid 6-8 x 34 Tasco thingy that's attached to my lovely 1960s Anschutz .22lr any longer. I got it thrown in with the rifle to get me going. Id like something that's going to work well in low light and in conjunction with my Ledray tactical scope torch and also from the 4x4 with my friend using his big roof mounted lamp. Ive been offered the following second hand scopes from various shops and the Docter scope by a friend:

    Leopold (gloss finish) 3-9 x 50 £175
    Leopold (mat finish) 3-9 x50 £195
    Burris 4.5-14x42 £195
    Docter optic zf 6x42 reticule no 8 £200

    Someone warned me about the Docter optic scope as they said that its a centerfire scope and wont have the lateral adjustment to enable me to zero my .22lr at 50 m ? I cant understand why this would be the case ? Admittedly the person who told me that was trying to sell me the Burris scope
    Id originally planned on a Zeiss scope but I appreciate now that thats a bit of an overkill for a 22lr and to be honest I cant afford one anymore as £200 is my limit now following an arse spanking by the tax man.

    Id really appreciate some nice non biased advice.

    kind regards, Olaf

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    i used a 3 x9x 56 hawk night eyes about a hundred pounds it has milidots which if i remember i used to set the rifle bang on with the middle one each dot as worth 10 yrds so up one dot 60 yrds and so on hope this helps

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    If you would like a vintage scope to match your rifle, you could consider the Pecar Champion variable. Make sure it is the Champion model as they are 'image moving' i.e the cross stays centred. Often they can be acquired within your budget and if in good condition they are very good quality and robust. Beware that Pecar are no longer in business so repairs and spares can be an issue. If you can get a good one they are well worth the current price. If you get an offer, give it a good try before purchase.

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    I have a 3-9 x 50 Leupold VX-I on my HMR, used to be on top of my 243. Great scope. Come have a look see if you want - I'm only down the road.


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    I had a leupold 3-9x50 matt, lovely scope but didn't perform that well at the last light.
    The doctor possibly has better glas and should be brighter but the variable and extra mag
    of the Leupold is also usefull. I wouldn't want the burris.
    Toss a coin between leupold and doctor....

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    Night/ lamping wise and quality generally I'd go for the Docter from the list you present. Unless you have an extremely weird mount system or serious action/ barrel divergence, I suspect the assertion about the adjustment on the Docter is er.... not correct.

    However at £200 budget there's a host of scopes that could do you - I've a 4x32 swarovski on my knock about 10/22 - but from the days when they were £80-£100 secondhand.

    Depends how much you want performance wise versus the look on your rifle.

    Only partially biased here as we haven't got any in to sell you, but virtually entire Vortex Crossfire range would be in your budget and a number of the diamondbacks - brand new and with mutts dangly bits warranty. Newpro optics are the importer and they have a list of retailers on their site. Maybe worth a look.

    Otherwise plump for Docter - only caveat being I cant remember what the No8 reticule is!
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    as moray is saying for £200 there are a lot of options open to you and to be homest i would really sit on the money for the moment and bide your time as you just dont know what might turn up

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    I have a Leupold 3-9x50 it is a very good scope. It does not excell in low light however for the price it is excelent. In order to get the low light performance you will need a much bigger budget im afraid.



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    I use a Simmons Whitetail Classic 3 -9 x 50. Great all rounder for a .22.

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    There's a 6x42 leopold in the classifieds for£100 would goe on that vintage Annie like a glove or try rimfire central theres a old Burris 6x40

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