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Thread: Best powder for a 20 inch barell

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    Best powder for a 20 inch barell

    Hi All,
    Just a quick question, what would be the best powder for a 308 with a 20 inch barell shooting 125 or 150 grain bullets ?
    Thanks for any info.

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    I don't know if it is the best, but I would start with Benchmark or Reloder 15.

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    I have found N140 better in my 18" barrel 308 than RL15.

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    Depends on twist rate of rifling!!

    I use Hogdon 4895 - 45grains under a 150 grn bullet in my 308 double rifle - the barrels are quite short and it groups nicely.

    Best load will depend on twist rate of the rifling which will in turn help determine most suitable bullet weight. Once you have got the best load write it down and keep to it. Don't be tempted to mess around with different bullet weights and powders otherwise you'll end up with lots of oddments that you end up giving away!!

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    I will concur for the advice of RL 15 I use it in my 17 rem and 308 with very satisfactory results the 308 being a 20"

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    i use 150grain hornady sst bullet, 44.5 of n150 in my xbolt 20" barrel 308, very very accurate

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    H335 is quite good even down to 16"

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    In my 22" barrel I use N133 for 125 grn SGK and N140 for 150 grn SST, they work very well.

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    N140 for me 'n my 20".
    65 odd a Kg which makes it significantly cheaper than the yank powders sold in lb's...

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