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    went stalking at first venue of the day and had 1 doe,most times i go there i always see them off boundries,is only about 8 fields,anyway i went stait to next venue,there is always foxes around,most ive seen is 7,usually i let them go because the deer are priority,as i had one roe doe in the bag i would go for a fox if one appeared,3rd field i seen a pair heading up and across the field,i sat down,extended bipod to sit n shoot,they got to around 200yds nearing the hedge,whistled and they stopped,shot the vixen,the dog made a short dash,stopped and looked back then started trotting away and i nailed him on the move.about 6 fields on i seen another,nuked him aswell,was a huge dog,biggest ive seen for a while,was eventful morning

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    Nicely done I'm Chippenham side of Bath, shot a big bugger the other night as well but no tail on him (well fur anyway)

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    i bypass chippenham going to where i shot them

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    always nice to get a bit extra when your out

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    Ah I see, all my permission is on my doorstep between Bath and Chippenham. Went stalking with a chap from Bristol quite a few years back now who had some permission right on the edge of Bath, was some cracking ground, wouldnt think it being that close to the city.

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    good going

    sounds like it was a productive morning on two fronts got some nice meat for the freezer and took out some charlie in the process good going may those days last

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    Good effort swaro keep at them mate

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