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Thread: First time on a forum

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    First time on a forum

    Hi all. I've looked at many posts on here over the last year or so and must thankyou for your informative and helpful advice. I have based some of my major shooting decisions on some of this advise. Keep up the good work. I have never joined any forum before but get so much from this I thought I should at least say Hi and perhaps can give something back over time. I was bought up in the woods as the family business was forestry contracting and haulage, so many a happy hour spent mooching around as a boy. Started out shooting with my uncle mainly rough and pigeon. Fired my first shot gun aged about eight, scared to death as it was an old hammer action s/s made by Charles Osborne. There were no grips left on the hammers so they were shiny and slippery with cold fingers. I was told if you slip pulling that hammer on you'll know about it. Anyway as any small boy would I got on with it took aim (at on old tin sheet) and let my first round go. My ears are still ringing. No self respecting man wore ear protection back then. I enjoyed a few years as an air gunner with my first new Webly Vulcan .22. Which I still have and hope to see the next generation take up in the future. Between then and now has been mainly rough shooting but work seemed to take over and there were a few years with little shooting. Until the last couple of years and more recently in the last 12 or so months I gained my FAC. Initially .22 rim great fun and the rifle I use the most. Mainly rabbits and other vermin on a couple of thousand acres which I have shot for some time. Also I have a Winchester coyote .22-250. Absolutely awesome gun for someone who had always had to wait for foxes to get within spitting distance. Now my skill has improved after putting a good few rounds down the range (not a commercial one). I have had a number of great foxes at over 200 meters. So really enjoying my nights out and getting better at my field craft. Have now picked up my Sauer 202 xt in 6.5x55 which I will embark on my stalking adventures. This I will say is the most exciting thing I'v done for years. Have my first stalk booked up for fallow in a week or so with a forum member. Sounds like a decent bloke and I'll let you know how I get on.
    Look forward to making a few posts and hearing all you views and tips.

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    great stuff enjoy ,good hunting

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    Woodmaster, great to hear your potted history. I was brought up on a farm but went another way. Raised a family and had no time for shooting, but laterly have taken it up again. enjoy.

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    Welcome to the forum, I guess thats you hooked for the rest of your life now, there's no cure to this bug! I'm pretty new on the forum, got my first deer in '07 and got my second and third foxes a couple of nights ago. The latter of the two at about 270-300 yards with a .243 and she dropped on the spot. Enjoy the forum, it's intersting and very useful hearing people's tale's and tips. Happy shooting!

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    Welcome woodmaster i hope you enjoy i see you are an expert in wood as i was but sadly this left me with age.

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Per your comment regards ear defenders - forum's are essential these days as all the old and the bold are too deaf to hold direct conversation! ( myself included )
    Stalking, Courses, Gear - Moray Outfiiting Website here - Welcome
    BASC Approved Trainer & Assessor. Cairngorm National Park Authority Approved Supplier. Supported by Sauer Arms
    See you at the Stalking Fair, Scone & Moy 2017

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    Hello & welcome from the North.


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