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Thread: Lifes to short

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    Lifes to short

    Are we really this bad or is some one trying to corrupt our opinions.

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    Clever propaganda but good pics at the start

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    I was expecting Micheal Jackson tied to a couple of trees to start singing but in all seriousness i feel we do need to put more back than we are doing and we as deer managers should i believe be active conservationists. Sitting her next to my two grandsons with one more on the way i feel my attitude changing.

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    I do think something needs to be done.

    Population control being the main issue. I know it sounds extreme but if we carry on the way we are this place is going to be a dump in the next 200 years.

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    Looks like someones after a research grant to me!

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    Yes life is to short, just remember that putting a a value on resources be that hunting or eco tourism helps ensure their survival.

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    Excellent clip, a fantastic apprasel of the worlds Eco systems rapped and plundered by its tenants for greed ,I'm certainly not saying we should all live in caves or anything remotely close to that ,but a bit more care and a whole load of attention could be just what the planet requires .

    The only way that will happen is when it all drastically goes wrong ,then the worlds government sit up and look at what they "should" have looked at decades before,instead of lining the pockets .

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    +1 Widows Son. But are we too late. The floods, excessively high temperatures in some countries, snow and cold where never seen before. Is this just a cycle of weather patterns or are we on a slippery slope.

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    I'm at one with Widows son and Gazza. Over consumption and greed ARE killing the planet. I dont accept Global warming. The temperature has always waxed and waned, but we are gutting the world by plundering its resources and not caring about the consequences - we could do much more. I feel for those that come after us ie 6pointers grandkids - what are we going to be leaving them. We have to manage the Earth, not rape it.

    And as for the people referred to at the end. One has to admire them in their dedication to what they believed and the fact that they were prepared to risk their lives for good causes. The only one i know about was the Gorillas in the mist lady. But what they don't say was that she was murdered by the local population who she was preventing living their normal lives - not killing Gorillas. Initially they were 100% behind her, but when she forced them from their land and prevented their way of life one can understand, but not condone their actions


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