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Thread: gun cabinet

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    gun cabinet

    Ive just bought a ten gun cabinet to hold my dedicated n/v
    so i have a 6/7 g&c gun cabinet for sale.
    its only a year old and has two sets of keys.
    no rust, dents, or scratches.
    it was sold as a 6/7 gun but i think they mean 7 shot guns??
    you could easily get five scoped rifles in it, maybe six.
    i have made a better wooden rack to hold the rifles
    because the foam ones they supplied are not great.
    there is also a rubber none slip mat on the floor of
    the cabinet. i can send pictures by email if there wanted
    internal measurements are
    15'' 1/2 wide
    9'' deep
    50'' high
    120 cash on collection

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