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Thread: Hello from Canada

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    Hello from Canada

    Hi from Canada. My name is doug and I am 41. Ive been bowhunting deer for 30 yrs, started at age 11 in michigan with my father and his buddies in 1981. Trial by fire for sure ....heres the tree meet you back at the car after dark dont fall out and make a good shot. 11 years old with a recurve bow and all alone. I made a lot of mistakes and had a lot of sucess. dad and his friends methods may have been crude but it forced me to learn and rely on myself. since then i went on to make it on the all american trapshooting team several years running after having great results shooting registered trap. all american ....except for the Canadian kid and boy didnt i let em know it wearing anything with Canada on me at any given tourney. I work for my local public works dept in my hometown and continue to hunt. I enjoy rifle hunting in British columbia for moose mule deer and black bear with my brother who lives there and also i still bowhunt here in Ontario. In the fall i work weekends and most of november as a duck hunting guide for my best friend who manages a private duck hunting club. well thats about it in a nutshell ....any questions or concerns please feel to drop me a line.

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hello Doug,
    I never realised this site had an international following! I've been on two tours of canada with the Scottish Rifle team and after seeing the country swore I'd be back to hunt! Especially BC. We were based in Chilliwack and the scenery round there is breathtaking (especially around Gen Volks Range!). Saw plenty of wild life but never any kind of bear. I also spent time out at Conaught in Ontario.

    All the best from Scotland

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    Hello and welcome from the North of Scotland


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    Welcome to the site, I have family that left Ireland for canada( London Ontario) and flint Michigan.

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