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Thread: First Wild Boar

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    First Wild Boar

    Hi Guys n girls I have just had my firearm cert in for renewal and I wanted boar putting on..............not a problem if I can show that I have booked the stalking,I contacted a gentle man (Mark ) he had advertised in the sporting rifle any way after a chat I booked with him he send me confermation and my FLO was happy with that so all booked and the time just flew by until last Wednesday
    after a 2hr drive down into east sussex I arrived with plenty of time and Mark arrived bang on time as with all things wild there is no garentee and I just hoped that we would at least see a boar let a lone get a shot.

    We pulled up at the wood decamped and walked in to the tower over looking the feed areas what a tower...... carpets, coat hooks bloody fantastic so we settled in Mark explained how things might go and he was right on we waited a big dog fox just wondered past not stopping a short time later I saw a movment to my right a blackish shape moving it turned out to be a fallow pricket followed by 3 more they moved across the feed areas well into the darkness,by half six it was pitch black and the cold was creeping in Mark kept checking with the night vision and we had watched the fallow earlier,I had been asked to cull any light coloured boar as some had been seen during the summer when a litter of 11 piglets was coming to the feed areas this was fine with me as we where looking for a cull beast.

    Mark checked again this time he wispered 2 boar on the feed station at 50 yards bloody hell it's happening ran across my mind I lifted up the rifle which was fitted with a night sight I could make out the 2 boar one was dark in colour the other was lighter I was asked to take the lighter one my heart was pounding Mark checked them out again the dark one was a sow and to beClick image for larger version. 

Name:	i phom 040.jpg 
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ID:	11710 left so I watched as they fed the 2 boar moving together not giving me a clear shot...time ticked by every time I checked with the scope the wrong pig was broard side on in what seemed like an age they moved apart the shot was on I told mark I was ready the rifle cracked the silence opened I had lined up just behind the front leg/shoulder and was very confident with my shot mark wispered it's gone down then reload reload it's got up at this point I felt sick don't tell me it's a runner all went silent and we checked with the night vision Mark had seen the boar go off to the right we waited for 20 minutes what a long time that was all the questions running in your mind any way out of the tower we cast the lamp around nothing showed on the feed station then there to the right was my boar it had run 15 yards in to the scrub quiet dead it was worth the wait Hands shaken what a relief I got to check out my boar he was a year old and around 40kg in the lamp light I could make out the gingery brown cast to his coat just the right cull animal to take with the boar cleaned and hung to bleed out fully we reflected on the evenings events my shot had been true the plan came together what an experiance.

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    nice writeup ,hes very light in colour congrats on your first boar,atb wayne

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    Well done on your first boar and a good read, thanks for sharing.

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    As ^the others^ have said - well done and thanks for posting!

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    Good read and good result, well done on your first, bet it's not your last though!

    ATB Pete

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    Well done you will have got the bug now


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    Nice one, Congrats!

    My Hunting Blog: click here

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    Congratulations! A nice read and a great first boar. Can you share what you gear set up was, caliber/scope etc. as I am very interested in booking up my first in my boar hunt and am trying to gain as much information before I do so.

    Your write up is making me even more keen to get out and give it a go.



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    Top stuff fella i am so jealous! and a cracken read
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    Quote Originally Posted by verminator69 View Post
    Top stuff fella i am so jealous! and a crackrn read
    +1. I'd like to know your set up as well. Who's the outfitter out of interest?

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