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Thread: Night vision - Is it just me ?

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    Night vision - Is it just me ?

    Not wanting to derail other folks threads ,

    but is it just me who is uneasy about night shooting fox and boar with night vision and now thermal imaging ?

    Where do we draw the line, should there even be a 'line', whatever it takes to convert a live animal into a dead animal? Can it ever be too easy ? Does the animal deserve a chance, a chance to detect you and get out of danger ?

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    Tend to agree with you in general. I certainly don't think we should be using night vision for deer or boar, unfortunately some people just seem hell bent on eradicating both, or at least killing every one they see.

    I can see a case for the NV for fox shooting, I am inclined to think it should be limited though to people with a genuine need for total elimination of foxes on their ground - eg Keepers rearing birds or whatever.... I realise this would be hard / difficult to police. Let's face it, most of us who shoot foxes at night do it for the sport, I don't think it should be used under these circumstances. One guy here I shoot with occasionally has dumped his NV and gone back to a conventional scope.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Hear hear..

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    No qualms from me.If its legal and a good means to an end i see no reason why you should give them a chance to detect danger.Christ,i even sometimes use the finest Cheddar on ma moose traps so the poor wee things have nay chance.Call me callous if you want,but im not keen on mice.

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    boar and nv is just murder there is no sport in it at all its just for people who want to turn pork into

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    Foxes most deffinately, well here any way. Boar probably not, but having been involved with them in the past they can make one hell of a mess.
    If they were here again I think I would soon be fed up of them ripping my corn/cover crops and everything else up.
    Not sure just how long it would be before they to turned into vermin.

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    Personally it's not for me.
    However, I know a farmer with serious fox issues and since he is a few points from keeping on top of the problem using traps and lamping NV might well be an extra tool in the box.

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    I look after an 8000 bird free range egg unit, Fox predation would be completely unacceptable if I did not use every means available to keep on top of them.

    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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    I deffinately dont agree with shooting boar with NV but its a great gamekeepers tool for lamp shy fox's

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    I use night vision for spotting then red filtered lamp for the shot. I've rigged up a 10" 12v TV monitor to my NV monocular so I don't strain my eyes looking through it, just look at a screen mounted on the dash of the 4x4 with the scope pointing at where the bait is.

    Cheating????... Yes, you could say that but the results speak volumes and the birds are all accounted for
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