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Thread: looking for a new jacket

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    looking for a new jacket

    More recently I started to try and lighten the load and take only the essentials and wear lighter clothes when stalking. My harkila prohunter jacket is great if I am lying up in the evening or in a highseat ,but on the move or when dragging a deer can sometimes be a bit too much. I am looking for a shell type jacket that that could be rolled up and attached to a bum bag or kept in a small back pack. I have considered a few ;

    1. The stoney creek Tarn jacket
    2. The stoney creek long bush coat
    3. ridgelne monsoon smock
    4 the riverwest smock.

    any experience's of these pros and cons ?


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    Hi Dave,

    I have a Ridgeline Monsoon, and as it happens a Pro Hunter so know exactly where you are coming from.

    A friend is a dry stone dyker and works in all weathers and has a Monsoon.

    I asked him what he thought of it, and his response has stuck with me, and ive told numerous buyers of Monsoons the same.

    He said "Imagine being in your living room with all the windows open and the wind and rain howling in through the window, and you then stand up and shut the double glazing. Thats what the Monsoon is like when you go outside wearing it. I often "will" it to rain just for the feeling"

    Now thats not a sales pitch as I bought one too, and honestly on the hill when its belting rain, i pull on the hood tabs and zip up the top zip, and it is just like shutting the double glazing.

    I have zero experience of the Riverwest smock.

    I have an old Stoney Creek Bush Coat, and it was initially very good but after the first time I washed it (using Grangers approved wash) the seam tape has delaminated so its not waterproof any more, so use it for gardening now.


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    Oh and the Monsoons are due to arrive any day with us, we have hundreds of them coming in this month!


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    I have the Monsoon also, may even have bought it from Scott Country?

    Anyway, it is the business in the wet, my analogy is that it is "like wearing a garden shed". My only criticism is that it is not very breathable, if you are doing serious hill walking on a muggy wet day, you will put up a serious sweat inside it. The waterproof and breathable thing is a circle I cannot square.

    I also have the trousers to match - again very waterproof and warm. They are too stiff to do any meaningful walking/stalking in. Great job for sitting up a highseat though.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    i have a monsoon 11 i love it its very waterproof and windproof also i have done abit of stalking in scotland with mine as well as at home in all weathers and the thing i found is use lots of layers that way when you get warm take some layers off that way you wont sweat too much inside or just go out with thin layers and take something warm with you . i wouldnt be without mine i was sick of getting wet with my deerhunter jacket and i have now been totally dry apart from my first outing with far too much gear on to start off with and sweat too much . i just dont wear too much now and have been fine ever since. the other plus is its nice and long at the back so you can sit without getting wet or crawl on elbows and and not a drop gets in . i would think that most really waterproof/windproof jackets will all have the same bother if you are really active dont wear too much gear to induce a sweat as it cant get out fast enough,atb wayne

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    The German flectarn goretex jacket is waterproof, lightweight and rolls up into its own hood. Even better is that you can pick one up for a few quid. If you want the "full rig" buy a windproof smock, again for a few quid, it gives you a great pocket arrangement etc. and in really bad weather wear the flecktarn goretex UNDER the smock, so keeping your pockets and keeping 100% dry. That has you kitted out for all combinations of weather or exercise level for less than 30.

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    I have the rivers west pro field smock and found it to be a great bit of kit and has never let me down. If your looking at a packable jacket rivers west do a pak lite jacket http://www.swillingtonshootingsuppli...k-Lite-Jacket/

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    What's the sizing like with Ridgeline? I have been looking at the Torrent jacket and can't find any info on the sizing. I would normally expect to be Med or Large but their sizing goes all they way to 5XL which makes me think their M/L might be a bit on the small side (unless all Kiwis are Lonah Lomu sized...)

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    Thanks for the info all will have a look at the ridgeline smock. Anyone know if it can be rolled up small enouhgh to fit on a bum bag or in a small back pack.

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    Clarret Dabler "My only criticism is that it is not very breathable"

    The Monsoon II is actually much improved in that department.

    However, sweating with any waterproof membraned garment is inevitable if you dont wear the correct base layer.

    Mereside, you are completely correct and factual!

    People expect a lot of garments these days, and when active your body is pouring out pints of sweat, and it takes a few factors to get it right and to ventilate out the jacket, otherwise it condenses and dampens your clothing.

    If i wear a Northface fleece under my Monsoon, with an Endura Baa Baa merino base layer, i will stay perfectly dry, simply by unzipping the front zip for extra ventilation.

    I have actually used my Monsoon mountain biking at Mabie, on a technical red route with a MTB jersey underneath of a high spec wicking fabric, when it was pouring this winter after a heavy snowfall. and as it was a 2hr ride, at -2 Deg and i wanted to stay dryish for the drive back to the pub!

    After the ride, i wont lie i was wet down my back from sweating, thats enevitable on a mountain bike, but compared to others in "boil in the bag" waterproof bike jackets, i was the driest!

    Of course the Monsoon isnt designed for biking, im just a numptie on the trails and forgot my Altura jacket.

    Andyf, as for sizing, definately go one size bigger on the Monsoons. I am a 42" chest 5ft 9 and i wear a 2XL.

    Huntsman, they wouldnt fit in a bum bag, as the outer fabric when rolled up would still be a fair size, but fitting in a rucksack (like the Bushnell ones) they will do no problem.
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