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Thread: Shooting Times, Calibre Review, 6.5 x 55 SE

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    Shooting Times, Calibre Review, 6.5 x 55 SE

    Morning all

    Bruce Potts has reviewed the 6.5 x 55 SE this week in ST, makes for a good read. Makes me think about selling the old .223 and just using my 6.5.
    There are also good articles about Chamios in Austria.


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    Ive just read that too as i own that calibre.A good review i thought but he could have gone into more detail about factory ammo as we dont all reload.
    i would be interested to know what 100 or 120 grain factory round he would reccomend for roe deer as i find the recoil too harsh on the 140 grain federals im currently using

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    Hi Chris S
    I used 120 grain Norma Nosler BST No. 16522 These bullets I have found really good, accurate with loads of stopping power.
    I now reload using the same bullets, same results (just cheaper).

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    If John is around.

    I see the 160gn bullets were nowhere near deer legal for Scotland.

    Best rgds


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    I really do worry about you sometimes, I do not understand why you cannot accept that they can be made deer legal by hand loaders, and that is it I am not getting into it all over again with you

    For those more enlightened amongst you you may find these articles of interest, By Chuck Hawks and this one Talking about Sensible Cartridges also by Chuck Hawks.

    Don't you read them Kevin, you will not like them


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    I really do worry about you sometimes, I do not understand why you cannot accept that they can be made deer legal by hand loaders, and that is it I am not getting into it all over again with you.

    They no doubt said that about 6.5x54MS and its 160 grain loading at the passing on The Deer Act! And you don't see them anymore!

    The problem is that in these modern times more and more leases or day lets are demanding that "factory ammunition only" be used. So I think that it is a quite legitimate concern.

    Personally? I don't see anything that the 6.5x55 can do that the 270 doesn't do better and with wider availability and cheaper cost.

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    I've not found any commercial 6.5 x 55 in 160 gr in the UK yet, but then I've not been looking for them Still quite happy with 156 gr. Legal back home.

    I have to agree that the .270 v 6.5 x 55 debate is a close thing, oh accept where it comes to recoil.

    End result at the killing end is a close run thing, but at the shooting end a much smoother experience with the Swede.

    I know that I would rather start my child on the Swede than the .270 for the same "killing effect" that they will have a decade later, even in Africa.

    So much so that the regular outfitter I use in Limpopo "acquired" a Swede after my son's performance in August last year. He had previously shot the same rifle in April but was always used to a .375 "in the bush". Once used on the open plain ( 250 - 300 M and then in the bush 50 - 100M) he saw the advantage not so much over .270 but 30-06!

    He still rants over 7 x 64 though

    Me, I'm happy with two Swedes and a 9.3 x 62. Shoot easy, accurately and the bullet will do the job. I still find less bang is better than more bang.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JAYB
    Don't you read them Kevin, you will not like them
    Well I have just read it for you John and here is a direct quote of you get hero:- Reloads for a modern 6.5x55 rifle can drive the 160 grain bullet at 2450-2500 fps.

    The minimum velocity for Scotland is 2450fps so it is right on the limit but he does not give a barrel length most reloading data gives barrel lengths of 24” min’ so most of us use 22” barrels on our normal stalking rifle you are breaking the law mate. Bruce Potts a well know and respected firearms writer could only get 2200fps from the factory rifle, well under the legal limit.
    Read the figures and weep.

    Best rgds


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    That's it you done it now Kev
    All them deer John has sent to the happy hunting grounds are all going to write to the Deer Commission an complain that John was under gunned an they didn't get shot enough
    Sheila will ban you from the cinnamon bun tray, mind you that's if you can beat Waddas to it in the first place

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    Well it looks like the article is a yes yes yes for the 6.5 and if sir Bruce says so it has to be.
    PS Kevin I SHOT THE 160 GRN and they really do knock a deer on there ass . Was i breaking the law i don't think so i am not that type of guy

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