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Thread: Cz99 .22lr

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    Cz99 .22lr

    Does anyone use the above? What are they like to use?


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    I would love a CZ99 but am unlikely to get one, as the CZ99 is a 9mm pistol made by Zastava.

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    Thats right. I think the 22 is made by Zastava - CZ99 precision rifle

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    Never come across a CZ99 rifle only a 9mm pistol

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    I think it may have also been marketed by remmington as the Mod 5 ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by webley22 View Post
    Just google it.
    i did i got this.
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    Honest it does exist, their is one listed on Gunstar under Zastava. Where is Muir when you need him!!!

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    Then it isn't a CZ. The rimfires are model CZ452.

    I think Zastava is Yugoslavian - not Czech. I only know this because they're now doing Lefthand rifles .... bless them.
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    Zastava is Yugoslavian and a company that produces good solid guns but for some reason when they were previously imported into this country they were regarded by most shooters as being rather cheap and nasty which is actually far from being the truth. In most of Europe they have a very good reputation.

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