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Thread: Lamping battery help.

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    Lamping battery help.

    I have a Deben lead-acid battery which i have used once and i opened the tops and it was empty of acid and it took a lot of de-ionised wated but it is not holding a charge... i have heard there are new Lithium batteries which are lighter and in most aspects much better. Anyone recommend any particular make or size as i think the Deben one may be shot?

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    Night & day in weight difference Red, dependant on use time most go for the 14Ah/1Hrs-30min or 22Ah/2Hrs-10mins.

    The added "Fuel Gauge" lets you now how much power you've left, not like the early models that just switched off !!

    Price 180--220 but be sure and shop around.

    Your Show'n your age "LEAD ACID"!!!!

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    I know i am but it was a fortune and only used the blighter once!! Any make worth looking at?

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    Deben lithium batteries are the only one`s I know of

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    Thanks... i have looked at them and i think i will take the plunge into the modern age.

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    Have a look here excellent company to deal with.

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    some lithium on the trading bay site less than 60

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    +1 for Deben lithium batteries , fantastic bit of kit , get the 22Ah one , you wont regret it

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    Quote Originally Posted by dc5 View Post
    Deben lithium batteries are the only one`s I know of
    Yes, I've got one of those, very handy but takes hours to recharge, also Deben's have a somewhat eccentric attitude to supplying spares, otherwise a useful lamp. atb Tim

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    Hi Red, try Cluson the makers of Clulite lamps
    all there kit is top quality in my opinion. It is worth asking if they have any service ex or display reduced models of what you want they always seem to with whatever i want and so discount by about 20%.
    Hope this helps.

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