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Thread: Joining a syindicate

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    Joining a syindicate

    Is it possible to join a syndicate without having an FAC? It's just having trouble locally finding permission for good reason.Will be doing my DSC 1 next month have my insurance so if I pass my DSC 1 only thing missing is FAC. So to obtain good reason for having a rifle is it possible to try and gain entry to a syndicate and use that as good reason.i also have my paid outings but don't want to be giving the excuse "estate rifle". Just trying to get as many things as possible in place before I send in my application.

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    Im sure the rest of the syndicate wont mind you paying and not shooting...........

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    Sure you can join a synsicate at any time, although you will not be able to shoot without an FAC unless you are with the leaseholder using the "Estate Rifle clause"
    Maybe a little expensive paying for a syndicate place then waiting for a length of time to get your FAC application processed, may i suggest you make a booking for accompaned stalking , get the conformation in writing and include this as good reason with your application, i am sure that that is taken as good reason, or even book yourself say a block of 10 days stalking to be taken as and when, then you dont loose out on anything while you wait for your FAC ?

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    I have a booking in place but wasn't sure if that would do. But may as well just go for it a see what they say when I speak to them. I know it wasn't a great idea but thinking of all posabilitys.but thanks for your replys.

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    I did exactly what you describe. For the first two months I went with my brother in law and didn't shoot. I got to learn the ground well.

    I included the syndicate ground on my FAC application. I didn't have any problems with it.


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    We have a few members in our syndicate that only have the land in place to keep there certificates. we maybe see them once a year. If you can afford it i would see if you can join. as has been said above at the very worst you could get to know the ground.



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    david if you have booked to stalk with someone then that will be ok if you have another couple of bookings later on down the line keep hold of the reciept and send it in with your application even further bookings just have it written up so you can send that in as well ,atb wayne

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    when i put in for my fac the flo would not let me have a fac till i was in a syndicate,and the syndicate would not let me join till i had a fac . tried explaning to flo. in the end got a letter from syndicate for the flo and they still rang the man in charge. i also had my dsc 1 aswell. stav
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    Thanks guys,so it is possible if I find a syndicate willing to let me in although it not the best idea because a will only be able to shoot photos. I can see the positives like bob said getting to know the ground, so think I will look into more.david

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    rather than joining syndicate and just watching use your money to buy several days stalking useing estate rifle,gaining valuable experiance towards geting your fac theirs plenty of people on this site that sell stalking

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