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Thread: calibre & rifle change

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    calibre & rifle change

    changeing rifle and calibers new rifle make is set in stone its just the calibre thats the problem .cant deside on 308 or 7x64
    beareing in mind ive got just over 200 7mm bullets in the safe
    dont want this to turn into a this cal. is better than this cal debate, realy just looking for anybody thats got any experiance of availability + cost
    & shooting experiance of 7x64

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    i would recomend the .308 as the bullets are easy to get hold of and cheap and nothing i have shot hasent droped but the 7x64 round is europes answer to 30 06 and a very well used in germany as a round for all game as i is a hard hiting flat shooting but if you reload i would go for the 7x64

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    yes i do reload as one of the rifles thats going is 7-08 which i would keep but they dont do the new toy in this cal
    atb steve

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    if you dont mind me asking what would that new toy be

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    Quote Originally Posted by boar & deer View Post
    if you dont mind me asking what would that new toy be
    mauser mo3

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    very nice to get the 308 and get the short semi weight barrel i think they 520mm the best for pig and woodlaND STALKING

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    mauser dont do 7x57 unfortunatley

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    true i think the problem is im spoilt for choice

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