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Thread: Introductory Stalk Essex

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    Introductory Stalk Essex


    I was wondering if anyone has or knows of any opportunities for a complete novice to be introduced to stalking.

    I would prefer if the stalking could be in Essex but don't mind travelling to surrounding counties.

    Thanks in advance


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    Herefordshire, Hampshire or Essex
    Essex is a big place Lee - give us a clue?

    E t R
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    I live just outside Colchester

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    When you say complete novice do you mean you have nothing and done nothing?

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    Yeah I have nothing and have done nothing before in the way of deer stalking.

    I currently shoot clays and game with a shotgun. I also have shot rifles before at bisley open days and game fairs but don't own a rifle or have a FAC.

    looking to get out and experience first hand of what deer stalking is like.

    Thanks for looking at my post


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    In a similar position to you lee (in that i'm new to stalking and can't find anywhere local to go). I have been out stalking once so far though - with muntjacstalker (he's on this forum) up in bedfordshire. Well worth it as he's a top bloke and certainly has plenty of Deer on his ground! Got me onto a muntjac doe within about 40 min's. Best tasting venison casserole i ever tasted!!

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    i can recommend bunwell wood shoot off here he has red,munty and roe .very nice set up lots of seats and also stalking over a good bit of ground lots of deer . you wont regret getting in touch he will put you at ease from the off,atb wayne

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    Good call - i'm off there myself in april for a pre-dsc1 course! Very helpful chap.

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    Have ground in West Sussex and have quite a few people from Essex, drop me a PM if I can help in anyway.

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    Give Leec6.5 a shout, he takes clients out.

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