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Thread: Lamp shy Vixen.

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    Lamp shy Vixen.

    Took this Vixen the other morning, I had seen her with the lamp but only breifly she was very cautious.
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    Set up at first light with my recently modified U-caller [thanks to Bob] hidden in a tussock of grass. Set my back into some Ivy in the hedgeline and gave it 15 minutes to settle. The sun was promissing to rise onto a large bank of Fern 150 yards the opposite side of the field. As the light came good i started to call with 10 second blocks of the Vixen scream followed eventually with intermitent blasts of Dog bark. The rifle was set on double sticks while i scanned the Fern for movement. I was confident of my position with my breath freezing and blowing back into my face. After 10 minutes a Black bird called the alarm, only problem it was sat in my hedge and only 15 metres from my position. The adrenaline flowed and i didn't know if i had already been winded, but then the dark outline of the fox sculked into the open with intent. It stopped and looked around and squatted to urinate, now the stakes rose as it became apparent this was not a dog but vixen. I gave a single scream to move her on. She would not move but looked in the callers direction with neck streched and eyes piercing the murk. I slowly lifted the but of the rifle and pushed the sticks together, to make single sticks. Slowly lifting the sticks and forend i settled on the statuesque figure and administered a satisfying strike.
    On closer inspection confermation it was not only a vixen but in early to mid stages of pregnancy.
    The U-caller was set at 70 metres from me but it will now work out to over 300 with the addition of an aerial extension.

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    Nice read MH is good when it all comes together

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    Well done, it's always a satisfying sound hearing the bullet make contact, it always makes my day.

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