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Thread: Weight of a Stiller Predator/TAC 300 action

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    Weight of a Stiller Predator/TAC 300 action

    Hi, I am doing some research into components for a custom build and am trying to find the weight of a Stiller Predator and TAC 300 actions for a .308win rifle. Can anyone help please?


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    If its a 308 then you want a Tac 30 not 300. Weight of single shot is 31 ounces, repeater is 27. Long predators and Tac 300 Are 34 ounce in single shot and 30 in repeater. PM Keith TWG1 on here as he is the uk importer for Stiller actions, he can answer all your questions, and supply you any actions or completed rifles you might wish for. All with surprisingly fast turnaround.You won't find a more honest and straight forward guy to deal with.

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    if you look on there stie i tells you all the spec weight etc .
    i looked it up for the predadtor action i have on my rifle.really nice bit of kit.

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    Got a Stiller Predator action on my 6mm br nice and smooth, sorry dont know weight.

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    Thanks very much will look it up


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