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Thread: AVOID taxidermy by Tom Elliott (Hanslope / Milton Keynes) !!!

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    Angry AVOID taxidermy by Tom Elliott (Hanslope / Milton Keynes) !!!

    So, you class yourself as a professional taxidermist.

    Six months after your promised delivery date, after regular contact, you say that the piece has been shipped.

    You post a completed mount to Spain, but don't insure it or keep postal receipts/tracking number. Then you magically find the receipt and can send all details of the 'lost' package to the Post Office, but don't have any record of the address or details of the claim/tracking number etc. You also have no pictures of the completed mount - all things that could make your client think you were lying, every time you opened your mouth.

    Then, the lost package is 'found' in UK customs & requires a letter confirming that the beast was legally taken & not subject to CITES - however, you have no record of which address you sent this information to... & thus STILL nothing to prove you have ever dispatched the mount.

    A year after agreed delivery & at this point I lost my cool and paid the gentleman a visit - set out the situation and my expectations for the future. A day later, confirmation by Email that he had 'found' the receipt and tracking number - but this was never provided.

    Five weeks later, the Spanish shooter who asked that his first Munti be mounted (not a trophy beast - but his first) sends an Email to let me know the mount had arrived & expressing his complete horror at quality of the work.

    Folks, I am quite happy to back up all I have written with appropriate Emails, but am really posting this to try and ensure that others do not make the mistake of paying in advance for this quality of work. This is the work of the professional taxidermist 'Tom Elliot', a man who is not worried about bad press ' because he already has work for the next two years in his freezer'!

    Do not waste your money - it is fools like this that give taxidermy a bad name!


    Ian Farrington
    For professional guided Deer & Wild Boar Stalking, practical stalking intro's & Deer related training,
    DSC1 & 2 preparation & witnessing, Field Rifle coaching. Go to - or call me on Tel: 07798 771 062

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    fair play thats one crap job

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    That muntjac looks like it was set on fire, and put out with a bike chain.

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    I am a very amature taxidermist, i do it only for myself and friends and because i enjoy the outcome, though not all aspects of the process. I am sure some of the pro's will be along soon, and can give details as to why it looks like this. I am guessing the time lost in transit have not been kind to the mount, and wont have helped.

    However, even from my basic understanding, and i have never actually seen a muntjac, i dont think it is meant to look like that! I also am not sure their ears are positioned there, their mouths look like that and i have never seen that style of closing the back of the mount over the back board.

    I am no expect, but that would not be a joy to have in the house!

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    was it him who stuffed Esther Ranzoms pussy ?

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    Christ Ian that's shocking!

    It looks almost like it hasn't been mounted at all, just left to mummify and shrivel. Not good at all. Presumably he is offering no refund/compensation?


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    did your client strangle it to death? seriously it looks like a new species.

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    Shame, there`s always someone out there that`ll rip you off.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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