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Thread: 6.5-284 and Hunting Bullets?

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    6.5-284 and Hunting Bullets?

    Hi All,
    Anyone else out there using a 6.5-284 for their stalking? If yes; What bullet have you settled on?

    I'm using the 140 grn Sierra Game Kings (I have a supply left over from when I used them in my 6.5 Swede).
    Anything better out there?


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    What about the Barnes TSX? Excellent bullet that will hold together at 284 speeds.

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    Swift Scirocco II or Nosler Accubonds. Swift was better performance but difficult to find.


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    I'm delighted with the performance of Hornady 140grain spire points (flat bases)... @m.v. just under 2900fps... outstanding on deer from Roe Kids to Red Stags at all ranges I've used them (i.e. from 20m to near 200m). I've also got some fairly rapid 140grain hornady SST's loaded (@ m.v. a tad over 3000fps) and they seem to settle down to nicer groups beyond 250m, have not shot deer with those yet though.

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    Im pretty sure redmist just uses the tsx in his to great effect

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    120 Grain Nosler Ballistic Tip. I load it on top of 56 Grains of N165. Shot Roe, Red and Fallow without Dramas.


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    Whilst I havent used it personaly a client uses one with 130gr TSX(I think) in africa for various plains game that seems to work well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rem284 View Post
    +1 regardless of peoples thoughts on them the AMAX is a fantastic bullet in any calibre, very very accurate and open up as well as anything out there.

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    130 TSX for me, exellent on deer of any size, age and species....very little damage too and very accurate toboot.

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