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Thread: Medal head

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    Medal head

    Well it should only be a few weeks till the 2011 trophies are place on the pages f the shooting time by the CIC commission.
    So lets have it who from this site will be on it and what did you get species.


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    I think its the middleish of Feb fella.Have a roe with 147.

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    Well done mate looks like a few for Scotland just had a pm from a SCOTLAND SHOT BUCK AT 180+ No wounder they keep them separated in the ST i am sure Scotland will have the most Golds again.

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    Sholud have a silver Roe from Herefordshire, if they put the other medal catergories up instead of just gold


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    Hopefully a silver this year.


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    Apparently roe next week, Scottish week after then the rest the following week. I have a gold red stag although will be under Euston estate rather than down to yours truly (but it's going on my wall!!!!)

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    nice want some

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