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Thread: Peterlee shooting - BBC investigation

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    Peterlee shooting - BBC investigation

    BASC has been involved in a BBC investigative film on the New Year's Day shootings in Peterlee, Durham. BASC has raised concerns about the licensing process in the case. The film was broadcast last night in the North East and Cumbria and can be seen here for the next six days:

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    Interesting piece. Let's hope that the investigation into the alleged failings in the Police Licensing procedures don't get either swept under the carpet, or diverted onto legitimate shooters in the same way that happened after Dunblane and the Cullen Enquiry finding.

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    I find it hard to believe he didnt have his tickets revoked long time ago ! i know of people in my area that lost theres for far less

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    Dear All

    You will shortly see on the BASC web site a copy of the memo that has been sent to IPCC in the aftermath of the Peterlee shootings. It has been submitted as BASC has stakeholder interests in an aspect of the IPCC's investigation.

    We have sent it to MPs in the All Party Group and distributed to other shooting organisations.

    The supplemental point I would make is that the IPCC will not be holding a transparent investigation and this puts them on notice that certain questions need to be asked. That is also the reason for Mike and Simon appearing on the TV.



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    I watched the Inside out program earlier today and was amazed that he was ever granted a certificate.

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    Very interesting piece and the BASC Memorandum is well worth reading. I have to say it is worth the membership to see such immediate and effective action being taken - thank you BASC and thank you David for bringing it to our attention.

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    A well put together submission. Sadly, yet again, I fear police incompetence allowed this awful tragedy to take place. I say that having been a bobby most of my working life......and dealing with applications and renewals for a good chunk of that time.
    I have now reconsidered a decision I made last year and will rejoin BASC.

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    The fact the government has failed to put in place sufficient legislation and put a stop to individual forces appointing their own aditional interpretation and enforcing it shows clearly what a shambolic state they are in..
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    I'm really pleased that good terminology was used in the report and it didn't in any way scaremonger

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