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Thread: DTV-SHREDDER awesome

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    DTV-SHREDDER awesome

    Has anybody seen the "dtv shredder" looks like an awesome piece of kit sorry can't do links but google it

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    Oh yes!

    Mind you, if people can kill themselves on a Segway just imagine the carnage and self-harm they can inflict with that baby.

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    With 48hp? ... you have got to be having a laugh! ... All the way to A&E

    What new fangled ways to try and get on the "Darwin Awards" podium will they come up with next?

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    Not sure you'd get a Muntie or a CWD on the back of that - let alone a Fallow

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    I was waiting for him to disassemble.
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    Give me a honda 500 anyday... shame the hondas so big..
    this is a toy nothing more

    no doubt millions of my, sorry our taxes will be spent on experimental development .....


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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 View Post
    I was waiting for him to disassemble.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adjman View Post
    Not sure you'd get a Muntie or a CWD on the back of that - let alone a Fallow
    I agree. Deer have enough trouble with quads never mind finding their centre of balance on a DTV
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