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Thread: FEO visit on variation?

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    FEO visit on variation?

    Hi all

    Probably a bit of a silly question but I thought it best to double-check! I'm going to be sending off the paperwork for a variation for a .243 very soon (hopefully tomorrow or day after ), just waiting for a land permission form (646) to be returned to me from a gamekeeper. The FEO will definitely pay me a visit in person at some point during the variation process won't he? I'm sure that's what they do but wanted to double check - the reason being that I'm going to be informing them of various stalks I've been on/experience I've gained/DSC1, and thought it's maybe best to apply for the variation as normal and then bring these things up during the conversation when he visits, rather than send it all in?!?
    As in, as far as they're concerned I will have applied for a .243 and they need to check my good reason and my suitability etc., then when they come round I can present them with my DSC1 and some references from people who have let me join them on stalks, and hopefully that will put me in good stead.
    Don't know if I've explained that very well, please say if it's a bit confusing!

    Any help is much appreciated

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    Personally I would include a short and to the point covering letter detailing your experience and the details of your DSC1 pass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by neil_r View Post
    Personally I would include a short and to the point covering letter detailing your experience and the details of your DSC1 pass.

    Don't ramble, but give them the salient points. The DSCL1 should give them all the confidence they need, so include a scan/photocopy. They may want to visit to check cabinet capacity or similar, or discuss any specific conditions they may want to add and then you can reel it all off.
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    Cheers Eric and Neil
    I guess it wouldn't hurt to enclose details of my experience etc. with the other paperwork; although I have just remembered something else someone told me - if I can tell the FEO of my qualifications on the visit, I mayyyyy be more likely to get away with less conditions such as mentoring etc.. The reason being that if they are visiting me without any knowledge of my experience, and expecting to whack on a load of conditions, I can give evidence of why they are not needed, and tell them everything I've done. Whereas if they already know of all that, and they try and give me conditions, I can't 'impress' them with extra things if you know what I mean?!? Although as you say Eric, I guess I could expand on my experiences and tell them what I've learned in more detail.
    Sorry to ramble on about this, just really want to go about this the best way possible!
    I've only had my FAC 4 or 5 months (SGC for over 5 years), I got a .22lr straight away, but from the beginning knew I wanted to get a centrefire, I was already keen on getting in to deerstalking. I just realise that from their point of view, having not had the FAC for long, and it being my first centrefire, it's probably likely they will want to put on extra conditions. I'm just hoping that telling them of my on-the-ground experiences coupled with the theory taught on DSC1 will be enough for them! I have read a lot of the threads on here about how you can resist certain conditions such as mentoring and things, but I think I would be nervous about debating it with the FEO, especially as I'm such a 'newbie' and so they may not take me so seriously.

    I don't half go on! Will stop now!


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    I've done two mid-term variations, one being for .243 the other to swap .22wmr for .17 and not had a visit on either occasion. Just send in copies of all the relevant paperwork.
    They know how many guns you hold and how many will fit in your cabinet from the first visit, so unless you go over that amount there's no need to check security.
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    It is quick for you to have your variation, but remember the adage about 'the lady doth protest too much'. You are justifying the need to have the C/F with the land and what you wish to shoot on it. The completion and declaration of the DSCL1 should ensure you are not conditioned to have a mentor from point one. If they start with that thought, it will be all the harder to talk them round. Keep it simple.
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    It's not up to you to "impress" them. You have good reason to hold the weapon, let them try and turn you down, or apply un-necessary conditions.

    Having said that, I know how difficult it can be to say no when they put pressure on, but if you can show letters from people who you've shot with and are willing to say you are safe then you have a good starting point to argue against mentoring.

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    As you are in the same force area as me your letter should go down well and your reasoning is good; to reduce any conditions to the minimum.
    You have land and DSC1, any supplementary info can only benefit you.

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    Jack , a short but brief letter explaining why you are requesting said cal , followed by copies of
    DSC1 cert
    Written land consent
    Previous cull records / stalking activities including lamping foxes etc
    letter from previous stalking guides (friends ) confirming that you are safe / competent

    Ps ring the relevant constabulary and ask what they require prior to the application being made that way you will have a better idea of the criteria they want you to meet .
    best ov luck MV

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    Thanks to all of you, some very good points there and your help is much appreciated

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