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Thread: .308 Tikka T3 lite, Stainless.

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    .308 Tikka T3 lite, Stainless.

    After the purchase of my Sauer I am now looking to sell my Tikka T3.

    It has fired about 300 rounds, it is factory Screw cut. It shoots perfectly well (only replaced it because I want something prettier).

    It comes with 30mm Warne Mounts and a T8 Mod.

    There are some marks on the barrel where the mod has been fitted and also a slight scratch just below as seen in photo 3. Apart from that the over all condition is pretty damn spotless and she has been well looked after.

    Price is 550.

    Photos below:

    Attachment 11751
    Attachment 11752
    Attachment 11753Attachment 11754
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    Price reduced to 550.

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    Reduced to 500.

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